Exit, pursued by a bear

First part: Visit-ours

A tour of the Manufacture following bears

First: a bear appears on the glasses of the corridor of the entrance.

Second: we enter in the livingroom and see a teddy bear on a remote controlled car. He goes to the audience saying “give me a hug.” (in loop).Then there are more and more teddy bears on cars.

Trid: The audience go upstairs. In the stairs there are lots teddy bears crying like real bears.

Fourth: adience enter in the studio. A member of the audience sees his shadow on a wall. The shadow become a bear. And goes out of the room.

Fifth: Some bear’s shadows are flotting in the space, and then in all the manfacture.

NB: all the security exit are modificated: there is a bear running after the man.


Second part: Be(ar)comming

(we choose a particular part: the shadow one)

We have 5 different ways to create a bear shadow:

  1. We use 2 lights on the two sides of a screen. A performer stay in front of one, and with the other we project a bear’s shadow (with a small reproduction). So the effect is that the performer’s shadow is eaten by the bear’s shadow.
  2. The same that the first process but we use a beamer’s projection on the back of the screen.
  3. We use the shadow effect on a black screen. We project a bear’s form with a white light. So we have a lightning bear in stead of the performer’s shadow.
  4. We put a light and a glass in front of it, the a screen in front, and a performer between. We add in the glass some bear elements, in order to add thm to the performer’s shadow.
  5. We put a beamer and a camera in front of a screen and between them a performer. we use a software to map and modificate the shadow of the performer. Then we shut it down and project the video of an indipendent bear’s shadow.


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